Algebra Pinball (a Fun Way to Master Algebra I) & More

Ninety-two of 165 lessons in Carol's online sequenced Algebra I curriculum have timed exercises that challenge students to master important foundational skills—from adding signed numbers to factoring trinomials. With the click of a button, students get information on number of problems attempted, number correct, and average seconds per correct problem. Add a bit of teacher coercion (it's homework) or incentive (extra credit), and you have an easy-to-grade way to improve basic skills—Algebra Pinball! Turn it into a class (or school) competition for even more fun. This talk also explores other fun classroom techniques and digressions.

60 Minutes, 60 Morsels

This is designed as a self-guided talk.
Just click to open each morsel and then follow the suggested links (which all open in a new window).
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Let's look at a bunch of exercises, and use them to point out a variety of features:
Suggestions for Using Algebra Pinball In and Out of the Classroom:
Here are two classroom techniques that I would never teach without:
More fun in and out of the classroom:
Closing up:

Thank you for coming!