One Mathematical Cat, Please!
Empowering Students to Teach Themselves Mathematics

Mae cyfathrebu yn allweddol i lwyddiant.

Have trouble reading that? When you don't understand a language, you don't have access to the ideas in that language, even when the ideas are simple. Not understanding a language creates a lot of stress. When authors weed out ‘cryptic’ math language and replace it with English, a problem emerges: English isn't designed to say what mathematicians need to say. Carol's free online book One Mathematical Cat, Please! takes the time to teach the structure of the mathematical language, so people are taught how to teach themselves mathematics while they're learning it.

60 Minutes, 60 Morsels

This is designed as a self-guided talk.
Just click to open each morsel and then follow the suggested links (which all open in a new window).
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The remainder of this talk will go through some of the key ideas in the Cat Book, in order.

Chapter 1:   The Language of Mathematics
Chapter 2:   The Real Numbers
Chapter 3:   Mathematicians are Fond of Collections
Chapter 4:   Holding This, Holding That
Chapter 5:   I Live Two Blocks West Of You
Chapter 6:   Numbers Have Lots of Different Names
Chapter 7:   These Sentences Certainly Look Different