One Mathematical Cat, Please!
A First Course in Algebra

My First Course in Algebra offers over 175 in-a-nutshell lessons,
together with free unlimited practice and worksheets.

Want more detailed instruction, more exercises?
You've come to the right place!

There's a complete text ‘lurking behind’ the online lessons.
It's a more conventional text—sort of like a book you'd use in school.
(Well... actually... it isn't ‘conventional’ at all...)

I call it the ‘cat-in-hammock’ book because of the print-version cover (look left)!



The PRINT version is for those of us who like to highlight, write in margins, feel the paper between our fingers.
(Or, buy it—or any of my books—to support my work and make a statement that you enjoy pages that aren't cluttered with ads.
I get a burst of joy whenever a book sale comes in! Have you noticed how much fun I have with my book prices?)

The cat-in-hammock book isn't ‘just another algebra book’, since an entire website supports and extends it.
After completing Algebra I, you can continue with Geometry, Algebra II, Precalculus, Calculus.
All building on the ideas you learned in Algebra I with the same voice, same style, same notation, same language.

The printed book and website can each stand alone as a learning environment, but they work best together.


While you're learning algebra, you'll also learn that numbers have lots of different names, and that math is the renaming tool.
You'll learn that ‘$\,x\,$’ is to math as ‘cat’ is to English (hence the name ‘One Mathematical Cat, Please!)

The cat-in-hammock book has the cat-on-swing book embedded in it, so you don't need both.

‘Active reading’ exercises check that learners are ‘getting it’.
Take a look at exercises 1–11 in this sample section (answers at the end).
It is the author's intention that every reader do every active reading exercise.
They're quick-and-easy, but cause you to ‘take pause’ and digest new information.

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Here's a review of the cat-on-swing book (which is embedded in the algebra book).

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