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Square Dance: Table of Contents

Square Dance Basic 2: Wheel and Deal

Wheel and Deal at Taminations
Wheel and Deal videos: from 2-faced line, 0:45 to 1:22 ; from out-facing lines of 4, 2:45 to 3:15

Basic 2

Wheel and Deal

(from two-faced lines)

two-faced line(s)
(#12, #13, #29, #51)

each dancer step slightly forward;
use center member
of each couple
as pivot ...

... ‘wheel’ 180°
toward center
of original line ...

... to END with
two couples ‘mirrored’
across original line
This can be done with two lines.
For simplicity, it's shown here with only one line.
Basic 2

Wheel and Deal (from parallel lines)

lines facing out (#27)

lines facing in (#22)
(facing lines)
right-hand couple of each line moves to front;
memory device: it's right to go to the front
Note also: each couple unit ‘passes right shoulder’