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Square Dance: Table of Contents

Square Dance Basic 2: Cross Run

Cross Run at Taminations
Cross Run video (0:16 to 1:00)

Basic 2

Cross Run

two active dancers
(centers or ends);
shown here:
‘centers cross run’
active dancers
run into spot
vacated by
farthest inactive dancer;
other dancers sidestep
(no change of direction)
centers become ends;
ends become centers;
only runners change direction;
others just slide over

Sample calls:
‘girls cross run’,   ‘boys cross run’,   ‘centers cross run’,   ‘ends cross run’
Basic 2

Centers Cross Run from Lines Facing Out

When active dancers face the same direction, they would collide;
so first pass each other with a half sashay, then proceed as usual

Ends Cross Run

memory device:
designated dancers cross one dancer and run to the other side