Square Dance: Table of Contents

Square dancing is great for mind, body, and spirit!
Here are index cards to summarize each call.

Print each card (below).
No color printer?
Get color-printed copies at Amazon:
Cut each page close to the spine.
These retractable razor knives work well.
Cut out the cards.
Use a paper cutter or rotary cutter/quilting ruler/self-healing mat (my choice).
Tape/staple/glue onto 4" x 6" index cards.
(I prefer tape.)
Use different colors for
Basic 1/Basic 2/Mainstream
to easily differentiate the levels.
(The card color just peeks out
around the edges.)

Useful links/notes:

  1. All snapshots are from Taminations:
    women are circles:
    sample snapshot;
    center is indicated by X
    The ‘heads’ on the icons indicate facing direction; arms (yellow) are shown as needed.

    Numbers identify couples (useful when printed in black-and-white).

    Most snapshots show the paths that dancers follow for the call.
    men are squares:
  2. All videos are from videosquaredancelessons.com:
  3. Pictures of Square Dance Formations from the International Association of Square Dance Callers


Some entries are logically grouped, instead of appearing strictly alphabetically.

basic definitions: square dance, heads, sides, home, corners, partners

Basic 1

Basic 2


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