Take It Offline: A No-Internet-Required Version of my Algebra Course

Why did I create a No-Internet-Required Version (NIRV) of my Algebra course?

My Algebra course is being used in the Bard Prison Initiative. I created a NIRV for them, since their students don't typically have internet access.

I'm making the NIRV available to others—if you purchase twenty or more of my books from Amazon using this link, then I will give you a free copy of the NIRV for class use (see details below).

The NIRV provides safe, convenient, and reliable access to all my Algebra I lessons, exercises, worksheets, explorations, and audio read-throughs—no worry about typical internet concerns like slow-loading pages, servers down, advertising annoyances, or students visiting unwanted pages.

What does the NIRV include?

The NIRV has all the content, functionality, and the same look-and-feel as my online Algebra course. (It is a fixed-width design, hence not mobile-friendly.) In particular, the NIRV has:


What doesn't the NIRV include?

The NIRV does not have any form of advertisement or annoyance. It's just math.

What are some advantages of the NIRV?

How big is the NIRV?

The NIRV is a single zipped file which unzips to a single folder (about 1 gigabyte) that includes everything needed. It's trivial for your resident techie to download and plop onto your computers/network.

How do I get the NIRV?

May I contact you?

Absolutely! I love to hear from my users. There may come a day when I get so much feedback that I can't reply to it all, but I'm not there yet. Let me know how you're using my site. Let me know what works for you and what doesn't. Or, just say hello!