your FAMILY, your CLASS, your SCHOOL!

Email me with any questions; I have a contact form on my homepage.
I'm happy to help you get Algebra Pinball up-and-running.

WHY should I start my own Algebra Pinball?

Choose all that apply:

HOW can I get Algebra Pinball for myself?

Okay, I have an internet connection.
But, I don't have my own homepage. I can't get my own stuff up on the web.
Can I really get Algebra Pinball for myself?

HOW can I get Algebra Pinball at my own school?

Okay, I want Algebra Pinball for my classes and my school.
I know that my school has a web server, so we can get our own stuff on the internet.
I get along really well with the computer people, so I know that they'll put MathPlayer on the school PCs for me.
Where do I go from here?