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This page is no longer valid, since my site now uses MathJax
(I'm keeping it here only for historical reasons.)

For full functionality of Carol J.V. Fisher's website, you need: This web page tells you how to get everything set up.


To check your current version of Internet Explorer,
from the "File  Edit  View..." toolbar, click on "Help... About".
It needs to say "Version: 6.0" or above.
The only digit that is important is the one before the decimal point; it must be a  6  or greater.
Don't worry about any of the digit(s) after the decimal point(s).
Click here if you need to upgrade Internet Explorer

Some people who routinely use another browser (like FireFox) just keep Internet Explorer on their desktop to use for my site.


MathPlayer is free software that allows Internet Explorer to understand Math Markup Language (MathML).
Without MathPlayer, Internet Explorer will not be able to display the mathematics written with MathML.

If you already have MathPlayer installed,
then the two expressions below will look basically the same
(a horizontal fraction, "a" divided by "b", multiplied by "c"):
If the second expression is garbage (or not there at all), then click on the button to download MathPlayer:       Download Math Player button
IT'S FREE!! IT'S EASY!! (Click on Download MathPlayer Setup and follow the instructions.)


MathPlayer uses the fonts on your computer when displaying characters.
Many math characters are not included in standard fonts.
These characters are included in the MathType fonts, which are available for free from Design Science.

For example, here are PICTURES of a blackboard bold  R  and  Z :    and  
Here are the same symbols using MathML:    and 

If you have MathPlayer installed (above), but you aren't seeing the same thing in both places, then you need the MathType fonts!
To get the MathType fonts, CLICK HERE.
(You'll be clicking the "Download MathType for Windows Fonts" button and following the instructions.)