F U N   S T U F F

Since 1999, I've scoured the web for the absolute best fun stuff—for when you need a break. There's a bit of everything here: math and logic games, word puzzles, optical illusions, more.

Mathologer   Youtube videos on a wide variety of math topics.
Wordle   Sort of like Mastermind, except with words.
WolframAlpha   To get started, just type in your first name, and scroll down a bit for the graph!
Number Gossip   Type in your favorite number and click ENTER.
Mudd Math Fun Facts
3Blue1Brown   Youtube videos, a combination of math and entertainment.
Numberphile   Roughly, ‘lover of numbers’.
Mathematical and Puzzle Fonts/Typefaces   Play with the Spiral Galaxies Font interactively; print out individual folding instructions for the Simple Fold & Cut Font.
Free Rice   Improve your vocabulary and feed the hungry at the same time.
Sudoku   Play online or print it out.
KenKen   An arithmetic/logic puzzle; here's how to play KenKen.
Word game   Try it yourself, before you click ‘generate’.
Set   Click ‘Rules’ at the top if you don't know how to play.
Make a Paper Tree   Don't use too many pieces, or you won't be able to make the cuts.
Have fun with some Chocolate Math!   and   How does ‘Chocolate Math’ work?
Improve your memory by playing Concentration
Optical Illusions
Kakuro   Similar to Sudoku.
Text Twist
How to draw an impossible triangle
Math Gems   This is a beautiful assortment of mathematical marvels; print it out and hang it on the wall for mathematical inspiration.
Take a look at the stars!
Mathematical Artwork   By the creator of MathJax.
Create your own Jeopardy game!   Teachers—you'll love this!
Nonograms (Japanese picture puzzles)   Try some simple nonograms first!