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How I Use the Walmart Online Grocery Service (and why I love it)

When Walmart stopped their Price Matching, I was distraught.
I had a fantastic system. I saved loads of money by tailoring my meals for the week to the current specials.
Thought I'd never enjoy shopping that much again.
Then, I discovered their online grocery service.

I live in Sahuarita, Arizona, and use the store at 2565 E Commerce Center Pl, Tucson, Arizona, 85706.
My first-ever online order was January 5, 2018.
Between then and today (November 25, 2018), I've had 50 orders; I average about one pick-up per week.
So, I've had considerable experience with the service.

If you end up trying the service after entering through this link (or the one above),
then I get a $10 referral bonus (until the maximum allowed is reached).
(You can get the same referral bonus; click on the ‘Refer & Get $10’ on the top of your grocery page.)

How I Use It and Why I Love It