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Fabric/Cardboard Drawer/Shelf Liners

These drawer/shelf liners are a piece of cardboard in a fabric pocket. The cardboard is removable so the cover can be washed. Gives a beautiful, clean look and protects the drawer/shelf. I sometimes use fabric from old clothes for the covers. Cut up boxes from your Amazon purchases (or wherever) for the cardboard.

  1. Cut cardboard to fit:
    Measure the inside dimensions of the drawer/shelf.
    Cut a piece of cardboard to this exact size. (I use a rotary cutter and straightedge.)
    Check the piece in your drawer/shelf—at this point, it should be a very tight fit.
    Trim 1/4" from the length and from the width, to make the fit looser and provide room for the fabric seams.
    This cardboard is used in the next step as a template to cut the fabric.
  2. Cut fabric to cover the cardboard:
    Cut two pieces of fabric:
    WIDTH: each 1.5" wider than the side-to-side measurement of the cardboard.
    This allows for two side seams, plus a little extra for ease in inserting the cardboard.
    LENGTH: each 1-5/8" longer than the front-to-back measurement of the cardboard.
    This allows for a front seam, a finished back seam, and a little extra.

    I just lay the cardboard on the fabric and use the markings on my cutting ruler to give the needed extra length/width.
  3. Sew fabric cover:
    Put cover pieces right sides together.
    Sew 5/8" side seams.
    Then, sew a 5/8" front seam.
  4. Finish the opening (back):
    Sew 1/4" on back edge, then fold and zig-zag 3/8" again.
    This gives a finished edge for the opening where the cardboard is inserted (which is the back of the drawer/shelf).

    Turn right-side out, pushing corners out with (say) the eraser end of a pencil.
  5. Velcro closure (optional):
    Depending on the material used, the stiffness of the cardboard, and how tight a fit you achieved, you may or may not need this step.

    Cut two 1" pieces of sewable velcro—the hard side.
    Sew to edge of outside of bottom opening, at about 1/3 and 2/3 of width.

    Cut two 1.5" pieces of sewable velcro—the fuzzy side.
    Sew short edge to inside of top opening (about 1/4" overlap).
    Make sure it is centered on the hard velcro when folded over.