Edgenuity use of online content: Illegal, or just Unethical?

My original posting is below.
Pursuant actions and conversations follow.
I thank Edgenuity for their quick, concerned and professional response.

Edgenuity use of online content: Illegal, or just Unethical?

Efforts to pull together online educational materials in a way that makes them more accessible and useful to today's learners is good.

However, raping individual web content providers—by stripping them of every means by which they might recover some compensation for their work (and even, in many cases, stripping them of their very identity)—is perhaps illegal, but definitely unethical.

Imagine that you've put your time, talents, finances—and lots of love—into creating a gift. Someone comes along, rips off your thoughtful and careful packaging, breaks part of the gift in this vicious process, tears away your identity as the creator, punches on their own name, and then sells it to the original gift recipient.

This feels so wrong to me. Perhaps I'm ultra-sensitive, since I'm one of the people whose gift is being tattered and sold. So, I throw this out into cyperspace. Am I over-reacting? Are others similarly offended?

I frequently look at my server logs, to see who uses my website. This has appeared for many months now:


As you can see, if you follow the link, it is an error page. Thus began my research into a for-profit online educational service called Edgenuity. (This source indicates that the ‘retail’ cost for a license to all the Edgenuity core content is approximately $1,100.)

Since my own website's Terms of Use expressly prohibits the use of my materials in any for-profit setting, I began the process of determining how my materials were being used by Edgenuity:

At this point, I was able to see how Edgenuity uses (abuses?) online content.
The screenshots below illustrate the following behavior:

Edgenuity: Common Core Algebra I; Samples of What They Serve Up

referring section
author contact info
page served by Edgenuity the original page
(click the image—it is a link)
Ratios and Rates

  • note removal of logo, site style, advertisement
  • clicking on any footer info in their version (e.g., ‘Contact’) does not work
  • the search box does not work in their version
Using Proportions

  • Look carefully at the footer—Edgenuity has changed the copyright URL to their own!
  • clicking on the ‘Donna Roberts’ link results in a blank page
Unit Rates

http://www.aaamath.com webmaster@aaamath.com
  • the author's Terms of Use is clearly being violated
  • ‘Send Us Feedback’ doesn't work in the Edgenuity version

I've enlarged the Legal Notice here, so it's easier to read. (It's also a link to the original legal notice page.)

Function Notation

http://www.onemathematicalcat.org fishcaro@verizon.net
This is one of my own pages.
The link to me was added after I discovered what Edgenuity was doing.
Originally, there was absolutely nothing left that identified me as the author.
By the way, their ‘adjusted’ link sends users to ‘their’ version of my homepage:

Their automated software completely breaks the page.
This is all Javascript code (none of which appears on the actual page).

Here's what the actual (working) web exercise looks like! (It's a link—click to see the real thing.)

Use Variables to Represent Numbers

Lawrence Spector
  • the App Store and Android Market buttons are broken
  • the donation button page (link at bottom) doesn't work, due to a missing icon

Here's the broken donation page:

This is what the donation page actually looks like: