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Chapter 1: The Language of Mathematics (FREE!) Chapter 19: More Unit Conversion
Chapter 2: Brushing Up On Basic Arithmetic Skills Chapter 20: Exponent Notation
Chapter 3: The Real Numbers Chapter 21: Exponent Laws
Chapter 4: Addition of Signed Numbers Chapter 22: Radicals
Chapter 5: Subtraction of Signed Numbers Chapter 23: Rational Exponents
Chapter 6: Average Chapter 24: the Distributive Law
Chapter 7: The Base Ten Number System Chapter 25: the Distributive Law
Chapter 8: Decimals Chapter 26: FOIL and more
Chapter 9: Mathematicians are Fond of Collections Chapter 27: These Sentences Certainly Look Different!
Chapter 10: Holding This, Holding That Chapter 28: Introduction to Factoring
Chapter 11: Introduction to Fractions Chapter 29: Greatest Common Factor
Chapter 12: Multiplying Fractions Chapter 30: Transforming Tool #1 (the Addition Property of Equality)
Chapter 13: Adding Fractions Chapter 31: Transforming Tool #2 (the Multiplication Property of Equality)
Chapter 14: I Live Two Blocks West Of You Chapter 32: Solving Linear Equations in One Variable
Chapter 15: Numbers Have Lots of Different Names! Chapter 33: Solving Linear Inequalities in One Variable
Chapter 16: Exact Versus Approximate Chapter 34: Introduction to Absolute Value
Chapter 17: Rounding Chapter 35: Solving Absolute Value Equations
Chapter 18: Unit Conversion Chapter 36: Solving Absolute Value Inequalities Involving ‘less than’
Chapter 37: Finishing Up Absolute Value Sentences
(just added on June 7!)