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Dr. Fisher's Custom Math Web Exercises

Am I missing some web exercises that you want or need?
I can create them for you!
For an exercise similar to something I already offer,
I charge $99 per exercise.
Want something quite different? Email me!
I'll let you know if it's something I can do;  if so, I'll give you a price.

As is the case for all my services, you don't pay until you get the final product. You must be completely satisfied.

I reserve the right to post any web exercise I create (in part or in whole)
on my own web site, so the entire mathematical community can benefit.
If I choose to incorporate your web exercise into my online curriculum,
then (if desired) your web exercise can say:

This web exercise was created for <YOUR NAME/INSTITUTION>

where  <YOUR NAME/INSTITUTION>  is a link to your web site (if desired).
Contact me to discuss
any of your math-on-the-web needs:

You'll get individual, prompt,
professional, high-quality,
affordable help.
I look forward to working with you!