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Using my site meter, I am often able to see where my visitors come from (i.e., who ‘referred’ them to me).
In particular, if they got to me by typing a phrase in a search engine, then I can see the results of that search page.
This information has been used to compile the following table, for historical interest.
Search phrases are typed in exactly as they appear on my site meter (including spelling mistakes).

8/23/2013Googlefunction notation2 of 24,900,000
8/23/2013Googlepercent increase
percent decrease
percent increase and decrease
1 of 210,000,000
2 of 91,500,000
1 of 33,500,000
6/19/2012Googlepercent increase
percent decrease
percent increase and decrease
1 of 187,000,000
1 of 120,000,000
1 of 10,600,000
6/19/2012Googlealgebra exercises16 of 5,390,000
(2nd page)
6/19/2012Googlefunction notation
(things have changed a bit in a few years!)
1 and 2 of 37,000,000
11/27/2009Googlefunction notation3 of 2,040,000
11/27/2009Googleprobability tree diagrams4 of 2,200,000
11/27/2009Googleproperties of zero and one
(Haven't updated in a LONG time!)
3 of 51,000,000
3/13/2009Yahooalgebra exercises7 of 4,140,000
5/30/2008YahooGrammatical Definitions and Rules1 of 1,090,000
5/30/2008Yahoolearn lesser and greater in Algebra6 of 246,000
3/28/2008Yahooadding fractions with variables
(I haven't had time to add any new entries in ages!)
5 of 1,350,000
11/23/2007Googlemath cat fisher
(FINALLY I'm back, after uncluttering my homepage)
1 and 2 of 1,020,000
11/10/2007Yahoosat mathematics quadratic1 of 140,000
11/08/2007YahooS.A.T. MATHEMATICS CURRICULUM21 of 1,810,000
10/31/2007GoogleCarol Fisher7 of 2,130,000
10/31/2007Yahoomathematical questions algebra2 of 2,640,000
10/30/2007Googlefun practice with radicals2 of 539,000
10/30/2007Yahoomathematical questions algebra1 of 2,520,000
9/11/2007Googleresources I need to teach AP Calculus AB9 of 403,000
9/8/2007Yahoocomplete algebra II curriculum online3 of 576,000
9/7/2007Yahoosignificant figures and mathematical operations exercise7 of 534,000
9/5/2007Googlefirst course of algebra1 of 2,160,000
9/1/2007Googlehusbandnot1 of 87
9/1/2007Google1st course in algebra6 of 2,490,000
8/26/2007Yahooprecalculus syllabus7 of 77,400
8/24/2007Googlemathematical cat10 of 2,800,000
8/23/2007Yahoofirst algebra text11 of 3,610,000
8/23/2007Googlefun algebra exercises9 of 1,770,000
8/23/2007Yahooalgabra one course one1,2 of 7,490,000
8/22/2007Googlealgebra distributive law practice11 of 136,000
8/22/2007Yahooabsolute value expressions practice4 of 1,960,000
8/21/2007Yahoomathematical problems and solutions (algebra)7 of 1,230,000
8/20/2007GoogleIntro to algebra fun stuff6 of 739,000
8/20/2007Googledoctor of arts, mathematics, princeton3 of 64,300
8/20/2007Googleprerequisite worksheets for algebra10 of 780,000
8/13/2007Googleinput number find average1 of 30,400,000
8/12/2007GoogleWhat does "Cascading" mean in the term "Cascading Style Sheets4 of 112,000
8/12/2007Yahoofirst day of school/precalculus5 of 101,000
8/12/2007Googlebasic Exponent Laws18 of 1,540,000
6/15/2007GoodSearchcourse in algebra one2 of 449,490
6/6/2007GoogleExponent laws10 of 1,240,000
6/6/2007Googleexponent law practice sheet1 of 384,000
6/1/2007Googlefun laws of algebra16 of 1,150,000
5/29/2007Googlemathematical cat1 of 19,400,000
5/29/2007Googlepractice laws of algebra8 of 1,170,000
5/28/2007Live Searchadding mathematical expressions6 of 163,890
5/28/2007Yahoomathematical inequalities practice2 of 298,000
5/26/2007Googleexponent laws exercises1,2,4 of 543,000
5/25/2007Googlecat maths course1 of 1,300,000
5/25/2007Yahoopractice algebra9 of 3,290,000
5/25/2007Googlestep by step exponents4 of 1,190,000
5/23/2007IWon SearchAlgebra I--2 year coursefirst page
5/23/2007GoogleFactoring simple trinomials exercises8 of 36,600
5/23/2007Yahooadding fractions with variables6 of 244,000
5/22/2007Googleone math fisher1 of 1,230,000
5/22/2007Yahoomathematical phrases and sentences4 of 220,000
5/22/2007Yahooprobability+tree diagrams+worksheet13 of 2,160
5/21/2007Yahoomathematical sentences and equations5 of 192,000
5/17/2007Google"perfect squares"+"identifying"12 of 15,600
5/15/2007GoodSearchpractice exercises for one step equations3 of 42,372
5/15/2007Yahoomathematical formula for multiplying negatives and positives6 of 87,200
5/14/2007Ask.comChanging percents to a fraction and writing in simplest form2 of 423
5/14/2007Live Searchsolving a formula for a specified variablepage 2 of 87,887
5/14/2007Yahooalgebra percent difference problems7 of 267,000
5/11/2007Yahoosolving a linear equation involving fractions21 of 208,000
5/11/2007Googlefun facts about mathematical inequalities4 of 458,000
5/10/2007YahooSignificant Numbers in Algebra10 of 611,000
5/10/2007Googlefoiling practice algebra8 of 91,600
5/10/2007Yahooadding fractions with variables4 of 239,000
5/10/2007Googlerecursive sequences, algebra 2, nutshell1 of 68,200
5/9/2007GoogleMath radicals exercises (pages from Canada)11 of 44,600
5/9/2007Yahoobrushing up on algebra3 of 35,800
5/8/2007Googleexponent practice15 of 1,140,000
5/3/2007Googleexponent laws20 of 1,210,000
5/3/2007Live Searchpractice exercise for signed numbers10 of 595,789
5/3/2007Googleidentifying factors in algebra7 of 1,170,000
5/3/2007YahooPractice Algebra 15 of 2,800,000
5/3/2007Yahoomathematical sentences1 of 990,000
5/2/2007Googlehusbandnot15 of 54
5/2/2007Yahoomathametical solutions for exponent factors1 of 58,500
5/2/2007Googlealgebra fun stuff8 of 1,030,000
4/27/2007Yahooalgebra one practice2 of 2,890,000
4/27/2007Googlealgebra multiplying fractions with variables8 of 185,000
4/26/2007GoogleMaking Algebra factoring fun10 of 499,000
4/26/2007Googlemultiplying fractions with variables24 of 530,000
4/25/2007Yahooalgebra 1 listing solutions5 of 217,000
4/25/2007Googlealgebra factoring quadratics magic square8 of 61,600
4/24/2007Googlefun algebra exercises10 of 1,070,000
4/23/2007Yahoo2 variable algebra exercises8 of 215,000
4/20/2007GoogleExponent Laws16 of 1,210,000
4/20/2007Yahooexercises on numbers and algebra2 of 862,000
4/19/2007Yahooalgebra one practice2 of 2,870,000
4/18/2007Googledifferent names of algebra slopes9 of 212,000
4/17/2007Googlealgebra fun foil5 of 98,100
4/17/2007GoogleSignificant Digits and Scientific Notation, Basic Algebra - Exponents3 of 412
4/16/2007Yahoopractice algebra exercises2 of 518,000
4/12/2007Googlewriting radicals in simplest form involving variables3 of 899,000
4/10/2007Yahoomathematical factoring game5 of 96,100
4/10/2007Yahooone step algebra11 of 2,690,000
4/10/2007Yahoomultiplying fractions with variable5 of 163,000
4/10/2007GoogleAlgebra properties practice21 of 1,190,000
4/9/2007Googlefirst course in algebra4 of 2,510,000
4/3/2007Googlealgebra tables7 of 105,000
4/3/2007YahooBRUSHING UP ON BASIC ALGEBRA5 of 9,310
4/3/2007Googlebasic foil algebra1 of 147,000
3/22/2007Googlemathematical cat1 of 5,120,000
3/19/2007Yahoomathematical algebra laws6 of 479,000
3/18/2007Yahooonline Algebra One course2 of 1,840,000
3/16/2007Googleexponent practice20 of 1,080,000
3/16/2007Googleonline algebra 1 text26 of 1,270,000
3/15/2007Live Searchexponent property namespage 2 of 77,035
3/15/2007Yahoosolving problem involving radicals10 of 376,000
3/14/2007Google"writing quadratic equations13 of 241
3/14/2007GoogleTexas Instruments TI-83 Plus rational expressions instructions8 of 745
3/13/2007GoogleA simple course in algebra4 of 1,210,000
3/13/2007Live Searchmathematical operations with radicals5 of 28,306
3/13/2007Yahooalgebra practice exercises15 of 449,000
3/12/2007GoogleFOIL math fun10 of 552,000
3/12/2007Googlechocolate algebra linear equations19 of 193,000
3/12/2007Googlehonors geometry, worksheets, print6 of 56,700
3/12/2007Googleten numbers in quadratic equation in one variable8 of 994,000
3/12/2007Yahooadding fractions exercises9 of 84,800
3/10/2007YahooALGEBRA + ADDING NUMBERS + EXERCISES1 of 80,600
3/10/2007Yahoofree fun algebra exercises2 of 251,000
3/8/2007Yahoofinding the value of n , algebra mixed numbers9 of 88,500
3/7/2007Yahooadding fractions with variables4 of 159,000
3/7/2007Googlefirst course in algebra5 of 1,630,000
3/7/2007Yahoomathematical problems involving quadratic equations5 of 127,000
3/5/2007Googlerational exponents vs radicals12 of 192,000
3/5/2007Live Searchapproximating zero algebra10 of 7,283
3/5/2007Googlemathematicians of multi-step linear inequalities10 of 11,900
3/4/2007Googlehigh school web design course syllabus10 of 1,070,000
3/4/2007GoogleF.O.I.L multiplication exercises7 of 95,700
3/3/2007Yahoosolving absolute value fraction inequalities15 of 35,900
3/3/2007Googleexponent +"adding fractions"23 of 13,900
3/3/2007Googlealgebra language56 of 4,730,000
3/3/2007GoogleALGEBRA CONVERSION TABLE19 of 1,020,000
3/3/2007Yahooalgebra fracion text16 of 165,000
3/2/2007Googlerational fraction adding stuff subtracting exponents variables4 of 19,900
3/2/2007Googlesolving inequality equations - fun exercises6 of 255,000
3/2/2007YahooMathmatical formula for Determining Percent Difference1 of 82,500
2/28/2007Googlefive exponent laws6 of 1,030,000
2/28/2007Yahooesp algebra trick2 of 53,200
2/27/2007Googlemaking practice fun 22 factoring trinomials2 of 86,000
2/27/2007AOL Search for HP and CompaqALGEBRA EQUALS FUN15 of 66,100
2/25/2007Yahoomathematical rounding formula9 of 86,600
2/23/2007Live Searchlocating points in a coordinate system"exercises"16 of 13,224
2/22/2007Live Searchonline practice changing fractions to percents10 of 2,666
2/22/2007Yahooalgebra identifying solutions1 of 178,000
2/22/2007Googleproperties of exponents college level worksheets1 of 42,800
2/22/2007Googleexponent laws and factoring11-20 of 80,800
2/22/2007Googlealgebra exercises printable31-40 of 225,000
2/22/2007Googlemath cartoons fun quadratic equations4 of 57,900
2/22/2007Googlemathematical equality sentence7 of 701,000
2/21/2007Googlegeometer's sketchpad activities for logarithms5 of 260
2/21/2007Googleexponent laws RADICALS11-20 of 419,000
2/21/2007Googlehonors geometry, worksheet31-40 of 82,400
2/20/2007Googlemiss halls school21-30 of 5,590,000
2/19/2007Yahoodifferent solutions to algebra9 of 862,000
2/19/2007Yahoomathematical formular for finding the area of ellipse9 of 4,640
2/18/2007Googlealgebra distributive law practice5 of 177,000
2/18/2007Googlelaws of equality algebra easy11-20 of 669,000
2/18/2007Live SearchWhat is FOIL in mathematical problems5 of 32,635
2/17/2007Googlealgebra distributive law practice5 of 175,000
2/16/2007Googlefoiling fun in algebra5 of 98,600
2/16/2007Yahoocheckbox radiotypes of forms1 of 154
2/16/2007Live SearchWhat is the formula for changing fractions to percents4 of 2,258
2/16/2007Googlealgebra in CAT1 of 1,370,000
2/15/2007Googlecircle worksheets algebra II11-20 of 98,100
2/15/2007GoogleFOIL algebra41-50 of 218,000
2/14/2007Live Searchhow to move signed numbers in variable expressions2 of 69,227
2/14/2007Googlefun rational exponents4 of 206,000
2/14/2007Yahoofree learn algebra course25 of 1,210,000
2/14/2007Yahooadding fractions with varibles7 of 163,000
2/14/2007Yahooalgebra 1 exercises for powers and exponents15 of 36,100
2/13/2007Yahoomathmatical worksheets2 of 315,000
2/13/2007Googlecourse on algebra9 of 11,300,000
2/13/2007Search.comFactoring trinomials game30 of 26,220
2/13/2007Googlealgebra- standard form conversion exercises9 of 767,000
2/13/2007GoogleQUIZ ON MATHEMATICS FOR CAT2 of 995,000
2/13/2007Yahoomathematical phrases and mathematical sentences8 of 174,000
2/12/2007Googlealgebra exponent tables4 of 439,000
2/12/2007GoogleALGEBRA FACTORING MAGIC X8 of 325,000
2/11/2007Live Searchwriting expressions and undoing operations5 of 16,633
2/9/2007Googlehow to get firstclass to automatically reply with quote1 of 494,000
2/9/2007Live Searchidentifying and locating fractions on a number line8 of 7,459
2/9/2007Yahooexercises in fractions in algebra1 of 132,000
2/8/2007Googleintro web design syllabus61-70 of 1,120,000
2/8/2007Google"firstclass" email stationery15 of 19,000
2/8/2007LiveSearch"fractions with variables"1 of 84
2/7/2007Googlepascal's triangular numbers plus cool facts4 of 50,200
2/7/2007Googlefactoring trinomials magic square10 of 80,600
2/7/2007Yahooonline practice finding slope of line parallel lines11 of 56,800
2/6/2007GoogleAlgebra II flashcards7 of 72,600
2/6/2007Yahooalgebra exercises equations22 of 352,000
2/6/2007GoogleEXPONENT LAWS DECIMALS10 of 193,000
2/6/2007Yahoo2006 AP calculus AB solutions9 of 11,500
2/4/2007Yahoomathimatical expressions word form7 of 555,000
2/3/2007Yahoosimple algebra problems + solutions20 of 681,000
2/3/2007Yahoofun algebra problems with signed numbers1 of 63,500
2/3/2007Yahoomathematical problems involving expressions with exponents4 of 51,200
2/2/2007Googlea magic square print out with trinomials2 of 544
2/2/2007Googleself generated algebra II worksheets free5 of 95,300
2/1/2007YahooFractions involving variables4 of 179,000
2/1/2007GoogleAlgebra 2 loans and investments1 of 712,000
1/31/2007GoogleAlgebra fun Factoring9 of 756,000
1/31/2007Googleexponent laws fun5 of 307,000
1/31/2007Yahooalgebra exercises exponents and radicals7 of 12,400
1/31/2007GoogleAlgebra ll, Making Practice Fun 32 Addition and Subtraction of Fractional Expressions1 of 939,000
1/31/2007GoogleYear 8 lesson web design71-80 of 9,580,000
1/29/2007Yahooexponent algebra exercises2 of 9,500
1/29/2007Googlefactoring foil, cool, common factoring, difference in squares2 of 80,800
1/28/2007Yahooconversion factor exercises and solutions3 of 116,000
1/27/2007Yahoosubtracting fractions with variables4 of 54,600
1/26/2007GoogleCalculus AB syllabus 200627 of 504,000
1/26/2007Yahoomathematical radicals3 of 232,000
1/24/2007Live Searchintroduction to mathematical radicals2 of 32,457
1/23/2007Googlealgebra scientific notation conversion chart5 of 301,000
1/18/2007Yahoomathematical sentences3 of 924,000
1/11/2007Googlealgebra one practice20 of 1,200,000
1/10/2007Yahoomathematical fractions3 of 870,000
1/10/2007Yahoofinding mathmatical absolute value2 of 504,000
1/10/2007Yahooadding fractions with variables5 of 167,000
1/10/2007GoogleA first course in algebra6 of 2,710,000
1/9/2007Yahoomathematical sentences4 of 870,000
1/5/2007Googlefun with rational exponents4 of 191,000
12/13/2006Googlepractice algebra exercises9 of 902,000
12/13/2006Yahoomathematical phrases7 of 2,130,000
12/13/2006Yahooalgebra integer problems for getting your birthday19 of 27,000
12/13/2006Googlefun exercises with linear inequality6 of 125,000
12/13/2006Googleellipse fun facts11 of 75,000