(5) Goals and Metrics:

What are the long-term goals of your project?
How will you measure success?
How are you reporting your results and to whom?
To whom are you accountable?

My long-term goal is to have an entire, high-quality, high-school level mathematics curriculum online. One voice. Consistent look-and-feel; not pieced together. Available to the world, with all major browsers and platforms. Without any plug-ins.

I want to fill out Geometry and Algebra II, and create PreCalculus and Calculus. I have all the content from my 25+ years of teaching. I want people everywhere to have free and easy access to thorough mathematics preparation for college and life.

When I finish that, I've always had a vision of an online “Math-in-the-News” that would be updated (say) weekly. It would involve a current topic in the news, and have interactive online features, as well as randomly-generated worksheets that teachers could use for classroom exercises. Archived pages would eventually become a great “real-life use of mathematics” resource for teachers.

I measure success by my users. If I am producing a product that helps them to learn mathematics, then I am succeeding.

I report my results to no one, and to everyone—as noted in earlier essays, I put my statistics on my website.

I am accountable to no one in particular, and to everyone—every single user. Users are always encouraged to email me with comments and suggestions for improvement, and I currently receive a quantity that allows me to respond to each email and guestbook entry personally.